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Maurice Evans
Maurice Evans

Former VP of the NBA Players Association

"I hate carrying around business cards. As a former NBA Player and now entrepreneur, I do a lot of things. With alive5, I now have just one card to handle it all. I can get people to watch videos, check out my book and even schedule appointments with me just by scanning the card. Does your business card do that?"

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Founder of Arrively

"I used to carry around my laptop to do presentations. It was tedious and time consuming. Now I just whip out my business card and someone can scan it to get all the information about my business on their phone… They can use it download my app, get investor info and even leave messages with my chat bot."

About Arrively

Vance Lawrence
Vance Lawrence

DJ and Influencer

"Oye! This is hands down the best way for fans from my liveset to become followers on social media. I just take out my card and they can add me on Twitter, Insta, FB and Soundcloud. Anyone who wants to grow their social media following should use it to grow their fanbase in the real world. I never leave home without this card!"

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Matte Black

Want to get noticed? Looking to make an epic first impression? Precision engineered and built to be the only card you'll ever need.

Durable Metal Cards (2mm thick)

Standard Card Size (3in x 2.5in)

Logo and Company Branding

Custom QR Code

Custom Shortcode

Information Layout Options

Choice of Finishes

Matte Black

The Last Business Card You'll Ever Need



Retail pricing for our AI-Powered Business Card starts at $299 plus yearly access fees. For early access, we are currently offering it for a massively-discounted one-time price of $100 for the first 100 cardholders. For these 100 Early Access cardholders, all monthly usage costs (bot & texting/SMS fees) are waived for up to 5 years. This means you’ll get up to 5 years of included SMS/Texting and bot interactions at no cost. Additional fees may apply to updates needed to your bot, custom development work, or card replacements.
The AI-Powered Business Card comes with a full-featured package:

  • Laser Etched Metal Business Card in Matte Black or Stainless Steel
  • Includes your company name, logo, name, title, phone number, email
  • Individual Short Code (text “YOURNAME123” to 55888”)
  • Your own dedicated SMS phone number for texting
  • Custom-Themed QR Code
  • Custom Landing Page Launch Page
  • Custom-built SMS Bot
  • Custom-built Web Bot
After you purchase the DIY design process usually takes a few minutes for each card. We ask you to complete your contact info profile, select your dedicated SMS phone number, submit your logo, preferred QR code design, and other details.

Once that is done, we will send you a proof of the business card for your approval. Once you sign off, the printing process will take from 5-10 days. If you live within the USA, shipping should take around 2-3 days.

We also offer expedited shipping and printing processes, which can get the card into your hands within 3-4 days.

If you want to include a web bot flow (which is included) we will work with you to develop a custom experience for your users. A build out typically takes a few days. You can use your card without the web bot flow.
We have a 1 time charge of $55 to replace your card with includes taxes & shipping.
Currently, we offer ability to customize your card with your logo, a custom QR code design, and contact information. For card designs, we offer 2 choices - matte black and stainless steel on a black background. For colors, we only offer white etching. If you want additional custom colors and graphics, please feel free to reach out to our design team at
No mobile app is required for exchanging contacts. All you need is the other person to have a mobile phone with a QR Code scanner, mobile internet and browser. Most phones are equipped with internet and browser, but some Android phones may not include a built-in QR code scanner. For phones that do not have a QR scanner, the Short Code provided on the back of the AI-Powered Business Card allows any user with text messaging exchange contacts with you.
QR codes have had a rough life. They were introduced with much hype in the early 2000s, but have died in popularity until recent updates starting in Apple’s iOS 11 which included a QR code scanner directly inside the camera. Just point an iPhone on a QR code, and voila! you are able to read a QR code. Androids are now taking notice as newer devices are now equipped with a QR code scanner as well.
We offer a 30 day return/card replacement policy if the metal card does not live up to your standards. If you are unsatisfied with the software/bot flow, we will work with you to resolve any issues.