Today’s Travellers Prefer Text.

Rely on phone and email only and you're sunk

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alive5’s all-in-one business-class SMS solution lets generation now ask questions

alive5’s business-class SMS solution allows Generation Now to ask questions, make a booking and pay in one easy text conversation.

When it comes to spending on travel, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z are seeking the richest and most personal experiences the world can offer.

Smart, two-way text gives them what they need: a concierge-like experience – immediate, personalized, informed. Ask questions, get answers, book a room or a trip, and pay for it – all in one conversation.

alive5’s all-in-one business-class SMS solution lets generation now ask questions

Capture Sales Information

Capture sales lead information

Answer FAQ from guests

Answer questions about game time, parking or handicap accessibility

Handle VIP inquiries in real-time

Handle customer service or VIP inquiries in real-time
Secure Payments Over Text Message

Secure Payments Over Text Message

alive5 also allows booking agents to close the deal when the customer is ready to buy.

Using the exclusive alivePay feature, guests can securely send credit card information to book hotel rooms, massage appointments or show tickets, all over text message and in a PCI-compliant way.

One Platform - Multiple Features

By integrating AliveChat directly into the platform, alive5 can be your hub for all digital inquiries coming in from your clients. Switch between answering live chat and responding to inbound text messages in one place, rather than switching across multiple windows, screens or platforms.


The Boston Consulting Group reports the millennial generation is more interested than older generations in traveling abroad as much as possible - by a 23 percentage-point margin.