Plans & Pricing

  • 1 User
  • Business Class SMS
  • Customer Directory/CRM


  • Each Additional User - $20/mo
  • Text Credit Packages: $.02 - .04/text
$50 /mo
  • 1 User
  • Business Class SMS
  • Customer Directory/CRM
  • Payments Over SMS
  • Chatbots (100 Conversations)


  • Each Additional User - $40/mo
  • Additional 100 Bot Conversations - $50
  • Text Credit Package: $.02 - .04/text
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  • Customized Structure
  • 1 on 1 Integration & Support
  • Dedicated SMS

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A User is a person in your Organization which you give access to the alive5 system who can reply to your customers that text in.

There are 2 types of Users - Admins and Agents. The first User created in the account is an Admin who has access to texting customer and also creating other Users, reporting, billing, and more. The other type of user is an Agent who has limited access and can only text customers. As an Admin, you can create multiple Admins to manage your account. Generally speaking, your sales and support team members are Agents, and managers are Agents, but you can set it up however you’d like depending on what permissions you want to allow to each person.

You can actually create as many Users as you wish (even one for every person in your company!), but we only charge for the ones who log in (within a 30 day period). For example, if you have 100 employees, you can create 100 Users, but only 10 of them need access to alive5, then purchase 10 Users licenses ($200/month). Later, if you find you need more or less Users, you can easily downgrade or upgrade instantly.

Never. Afraid of commitments? All good. It’s a month to month subscription, cancel anytime. For example, if you pay now, and suddenly you get a bout of the cold feet - literally one second later, you can easily cancel. We will even refund you for unused days if you cancel before the end.

Sending or receiving a text message to your customers require a hard cost paid to the telephone networks - So you’ll need to purchase Text Message Credits to power your alive5 account. For each incoming or outgoing text message, that is equal to 1 credit. So if your customer texts you, “Hello, can I get help?” and you reply “Sure, let me help you now”, that is equal to 2 credits used (as long as each message is less than 160 characters). Also, any photos/attachments sent over SMS (also known as MMS) is equal to 1 credit - same as a text message.

Yes, once you buy them, they never expire until you use them up and they will stay in your account. So you only pay for what you use.

Our minimal package is 1000 credits for $40 one-time ($.04 per SMS). You can start minimally or buy our largest package which includes a volume discount (6,250 credits for $125, about $.02 per SMS). Which package you buy really depends on the amount traffic you bring in and if you are looking to go long term for alive5. We’d suggest to go with the smallest package and ramp up. If you don’t want to worry about refilling your account with credits every time it runs out, we suggest buying the biggest package.

You will get an email notification when you have used up 90% of your Credits and a link to log into your alive5 account to purchase more credits. We are working on a feature to allow for auto-refill based on your preferences.