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In an age of Siri’s, Alexa’s and other automation, you can now use alive5 automation to engage your customers without lifting a finger.

Any incoming texts to your business can be answered with automatic responses with alive5's SMS chatbots, which provide fast and engaging service.

By responding to certain keywords or phrases related to your business, alive5 chatbots will seamlessly interact with your customers to give them the right information from your company in a fast and fun conversational experience.

with alive5 chatbots, your business can use automation to engage customers without lifting a finger

Pick a bot that’s right for you


alive5 FAQ Bot

Want to answer your all your customer’s FAQs, but don’t have the time? There’s a bot for that.


alive5 Media Bot

Want to distribute flyers, PDFs or video links about your event, product or service but don’t have the energy? There’s a bot for that.


alive5 InsideSales Bot

Need to capture and qualify sales leads but don’t have the manpower? There’s a bot for that.


Automated Engagement

Choose from a library of bots that help get things done while you and your staff focus on the more important aspects of your business.

Whenever you’d like, you can always turn the chat bot off and manually text your customers to provide a truly personal sales and customer service experience.